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1098 S. 6th Street  Siute # B  San Jose, CA 95112 Tel: 408-849-0216


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681 Homestead St. Lathrop, CA 95330   Tel: (925) 273-7701               




If you are looking for a responsible and dedicated person to take care of your lawn, I can proudly recommend Carlos, I met him about 10 years ago and ever since, he has been taking good care of my front trees and plants as well as the grass, he and his crew are always on time to do the work no matter how bad or good the weather is, I have seen him working when it’s raining, wow! It’s obvious that he loves what he does. Thank you Carlos for all these years of hard work. My front yard coundn’t be better in all aspects.


Gen.Manager, GDST

San Jose CA, Office

Lathrop, CA Office